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Health & Safety

Improving health & safely in everything we do

Drill IT has an exemplary safety record. We strive to reduce risk in everything we do as priority, our RAMS are stringent and specific for the works we quote for. Work MUST be planned correctly and carried out in a safe manner. We encourage operative engagement in management decisions and how the works are carried out, this helps and improves our health & safety performance.

We only employ highly skilled and NVQ qualified operatives and supervisors. This is reflected in our continued growth and thanks to our operatives who constantly perform to high standards and repeat client satisfaction.

Our clients are assured and confident that our drillers will pass drugs and alcohol tests anytime.

We are committed to continuous training and education and wellbeing for our operatives and management, we can all learn something new every day and improve the way we carry out tasks.

Our operatives hold tool box talks weekly relevant to the tasks required on the site they are working on.

Checks and Inspection

All our equipment is checked daily by our highly skilled operatives and regularly PAT tested every 3 months.

Our operatives will only drill or saw on markings and signed instruction from the client. We will not carry out works without markings. All areas must be scanned and checked for LIVE services and cables prior to Drill IT carrying out any works. Live services and cables – CAN KILL.

Personal Protective Equipment

Some dangers arising from hazardous activities can only be controlled by the use or wearing of personal protective equipment, that’s why all our operatives will wear as standard even if not required by site:

  • Hard Hat -BSEN 397 – European Standard Compliant
  • Safety boots- BS EN ISO 20345 – European Standard Compliant
  • High visibility vest-BSEN 471
  • Eye protection – impact glasses for general works and movement on site; see below for tasks requiring specific eye protection. BSEN 166S – European Standard Compliant
  • Gloves- BSEN 388, 11 GG 10-gauge 2 ply latex coated CAT 2 – European Standard Compliant
  • Ear protection- BSEN 352 SNR=26 – European Standard Compliant


Additional P.P.E must be worn in accordance with the specific risk assessments and were deemed necessary by the works supervision.